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How does tourism affect the environment?

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to local economies. Even if the situation were ignored, it doesn’t mean that the impacts of tourism on the environment were not real. With the rise of climatic and environmental problems, the impacts of tourism on the environment are taken into account. In this article, I’ll talk about the impacts, both positive and negative, that tourism can possibly have.

Positive impacts of tourism in environment

Positive effects of tourism on nature should be the norm, because tourism relies on the environment, whether natural or man-made. Having being said, when we talk about the impacts of tourism on the environment, few can imagine that it could have some positive ones. Even if there are not many, happily there are some. The positive impacts of tourism in local economies can have spillover effects on the environment. Money raised from tourism has served in many countries to clean and keep the environment aesthetically pleasant, to protect historical sites and cultural values. Many endangered species have also been saved thanks to the revenue drawn from tourism. The awareness that tourism raised also induced positives impacts on the environment.

Negative impact of tourism

This is where the emergency lays; the negative impacts of tourism on the environment. The most alarming of those impacts is pollution in all its forms. Air and noise pollution, solid waste and littering. Pollution is the result of the exponential growth of tourism. To move from one place to another, it’s a huge quantity of greenhouse emissions. When tourist also flowed in an area, the result is the depletion of natural resources, including food and water due to overconsumption. Tourist also leave tons of solid waste behind them, polluting rivers and forests. Another negative impact is the loss of the natural habitat for many species of animal due to the degradation of thousands of squares kilometers of land.