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Some ecotourism destinations in the world

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To reduce pollution and the greenhouse gases emissions caused by tourism, ecotourism is considered as a good alternative. This form of tourism is adopted by ecologists in order to reverse the trend. However, this kind of tourism cannot be performed everywhere, but in special areas and destinations. If you too, want to experience and contribute to that movement, here are some destinations where you could do it.

The endangered wildlife in Kenya

For your eco-friendly holidays, Africa should be your top destination. If you want to see wildlife, landscapes and wider biodiversity, Kenya is awaiting you. In the dozens of natural parks and reserves of this eco-destination, you could admire animals such as giraffes, rhinos, lions, elephants and buffalo. You could also enjoy bird watching. To ensure that those species are well protected from poachers, and that the ecosystem is preserved, a great number of private and public initiatives are promoting responsible practices.

Machu Picchu in Peru

The beauty of this untouched place is hardly believable. Machu Picchu hosts more than a million visitors per year. Having said that, to preserve the beauty of these ruins, tourism stakeholders decided to cut back on the entrance allowance. Access to the site is regulated and through highly controlled means. This site sheltering a spectacular fauna and flora is focused on sustainability and preservation of the environment. Visitors are called to respect the fragility of this natural and undisturbed environment.

Enjoy clean living in Island

Island is also a very great eco-destination. In fact, the Island is the cleanest energy consumer in the world. It means that you could not find a better place to experience ecotourism. If you stop at the Island, you could experience clean air and learn to maintain it. For example, to explore the beautiful scenery of the country, you’ll use your foot, bicycles or horseback rather than motorized vehicles. Because authorities have taken some measures to protect their natural environment, you need to do your research to avoid breaking laws.